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Interview: Christian Monique

Interview: Christian Monique

Christian Monique producer and DJ from Venice (Italy) has been DJing for over 10 years. The biggest influences on his work are: Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Sasha, John Digweed and Marcelo Vasami. His production features a combination of progressive house, dark progressive and progressive trance genres.
In 2018. Christian has played at a big event in his town called ‘’Notte Bianca’’. The same year he has played by the first time in Budapest (Hungary) at the Akvarium Klub with Guy Mantzur.

His music has the support of great artists such as Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo, Solarstone, Gai Barone, Fernando Ferreyra, Chicane, John Cosani and many more. Christian is host on two radio shows. Every 3rd Friday goes on air ‘’Seventeen’’ on Frisky radio and every 4th Saturday of the month ‘’Upside Down’’ is broadcast on Progressive Beats.

We had opportunity to listen Christian in the mix that he prepared for our Podcast Progressive Tales, last year in October.



Can we start by telling us a little more about what made you dedicate your life to a career in electronic music? What was your start?

The passion for the music came from my father and older brother. When I was 8 years old, my older brother bought two turntables ‘’Technics’’ with a mixer, and I learned how to use everything alone while my brother was at work.


Since you are very dedicated to production, you actually spend most of your time in the studio, where do you find inspiration for new tracks?

I am not looking for inspiration anywhere. It is the ideas and sounds that flow by themselves.


You have released on many labels such as: Bonzai Progressive, Black Hole Recordings, Balkan Connection, Stellar Fountain, etc. What was your track that breakthrough the most?

If I have to be honest I don’t know, because for me all of my tracks have the same value. I don’t follow the success level of my tracks.


In addition to music, do you have a hobby or something you love to do in your free time when you take a break from producing?

Unfortunately music production is my main hobby and not my job (although I would love it). I have a normal 8-hour job and when I get home I dedicate my free time to music. Sometimes I also like to disconnect from production by going fishing or playing video games.


How difficult is it today to educate young generations about music? How important is that?

It is very difficult to educate the younger generations of today because unfortunately commercial music is the one that is most heard everywhere.


Did you have a chance to hear something about Serbia, DJs and clubbing scene here?

I know you and Nicola Drumski. Maybe I know other DJs but I don’t know that they are from there.

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For the end, your current top 4 tracks are…?

Kay-D – Choose life (Montw remix) – Droid9

Amir Telem – Break of dawn (Gabriel Carminatti remix) – Stellar Fountain

Supacooks – Circum (Subandrio remix) – Kitchen Recordings

Agustin Pietrocola – Black & White (Original mix) – 3rd Avenue

Thanks for taking your time for this conversation. I hope that soon we will have a chance to listen to you in Serbia and then we will discuss about your impressions after the performance.

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