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If my soul is the price for the joy that progressive gives, I would give it to it.

If my soul is the price for the joy that progressive gives, I would give it to it.

If my soul is the price for the joy that progressive gives, I would give it to it. It is all a period of life. It is all a market – offer and demand: listening to something available, being into rock n roll, techno, house, being into music for rednecks and then you meet progressive, and what kind of progressive:  Hernan, Warren, Sasha, John Digweed and a little bit later – Guy J.  You move some boundaries in your life, especially in music. And how not to, when these four fellows delight you every time and send you to another side of reality, much more beautiful from everything else that surrounds us. Then you realize that this is actually a therapy for desecrated and perverted things in life.

And then there is a freedom of creativity in thoughts which come when you listen to Guy J, and then there are feelings when you listen to Hernan, Warren, Sasha, and then there is John – a whole new restart and a new dimension.

When you come home after these events, you are not physically and emotionally exhausted as you are after some other things. You often research, often with a swear in your mouth, what actually has happened, and what caused so much emotions, those kinds of journeys, playing of ideas, some other kind of creativity. You are searching for answers to questions and finding some other names of the scene. 

Nebula – one form of available Universe is quietly starting to change a form into progressive. Like a core in music, you like something that you feel when you are listening to this kind of music. While listening to wonderful rhythms and tracks made by these giants of progressive, you start to wonder. With a lot of surprises made by some people which are not so great or new, you are finding a new completion in your life. 

I am stopping this writing because I am listening to Black 8 – Before the Rising Dawn, and I remember the moment when one of the best people in the world sent it to me, and it was released at the same moment. Listening to it during the following weeks made my brain set free. I was giving myself freedom from all the pressure in the world while I was listening to those kinds of tracks. And it is only until some of the giants come with some devilish and extraordinary and so emotional that it takes over a part of your soul. 

If my soul is the price for the joy that progressive gives, I would give it to it.

And then a soul and mind meet, like some shabby phrase, and someone says: ‘’Hey, Hernan All-nighter!’’ What could you say? What in life is more valuable than you – yourself? In which way you could show more respect to it from what Hernan could prepare for you and what has more weight of feeling while you are able to go? Why complicating your life when you could go to seven hours of therapy? The price is favorable like simple mathematics! 2+2 equals 5! There will be goosebumps, real tears, laughter, and everything! And then you think again – would you be there, or not?

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And how to go on after all of that? You are waiting for new events again. You are making plans and evolve with this kind of music. You have expectations and they are being fulfilled. A very simple thing; if you want something to enjoy in in your life, then this music is the answer. You just have to ask yourself as a consumer – is this what you need?

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