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Big Bells Records celebrates 5th birthday

Big Bells Records celebrates 5th birthday

Introduction of Big Bells Records

Big Bells Records is a digital music label created in June 2019 in Stuttgart, Germany by music producer and DJ Adnan Jakubovic. Big Bells Records is home to underground music. This label mostly focuses on releasing Progressive, Organic and Melodic House music, but also Electronic, Melodic Techno and Breaks. Until now, the label has 66 different releases and hosting producers from Argentina to Sri Lanka. Big Bells Records is part of Proton Radio from San Francisco and every month, it hosts a podcast series called Big Bells.



Highlights about the compilation

As Big Bells marks its milestone of five years in the house music scene, they’ve curated a celebration worthy of their music journey. This special compilation of 30 tracks encapsulates the essence of their diverse catalog. These 30 songs are the headlight songs we released in the past 5 years. This compilation includes 48 artists from around the world.

Artists (alphabetic): Adnan Jakubovic, Aman Anand, Arrakis (GER), Astana, Avigate, Bodai, Chris Sterio, Coss Bocanegra, Da Luka, Downgrooves, Dr Green, EHDU, Enertia-sound, Ernesto Romeo, Flaky, Gastón Calduch, Gate 44, Hernán Torres, Hobin Rude, Ilya Gerus, Ishan (SL), Kaschperle, Kay-D, Kosala B, Lucio Gastaldo, Luzhik, Mari Vaira, Matías Delóngaro, Nikko Mavridis, Nikola Jovanovic, Nishan Lee, Noise Generation, PASINDU, Randle, Ranj Kaler, RML, Rockka, Ruda (SL), STEREO MUNK, Sebas Ramos, Shanil Alox, Souldmade (AR), Stefan Soare, Talal, VegaZ SL, Vishnu LK, Weird Sounding Dude, XIASOU.

This compilation will be out on 28.06.2024 in all main digital stores.

Contact Information / Links:
Email: [email protected]
Location: Stuttgart, Germany

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Press Release (short)
Release name: VA 5 Years of Big Bells Records
Pre-Order: 14/06/2024
Release date: 28/06/2024
Label: Big Bells Records
Style: Progressive House / Melodic House / Electronic
Pre-Order link:


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