Founded in 2018, Progresivna Suza (Progressive Tear) started as a small group, formed spontaneously, with passionate fans of progressive house music based in Serbia and Croatia.

One of the goals of this organization is to bring together people around the world who share the same passion, consume progressive as their lifestyle, not knowing the boundaries and are willing to share their feelings through music in a different, more intimate way.

During the two and a half year of the group’s existence, as the number of new members increased, Progresivna Suza organized over 20 parties in Belgrade and Novi Sad clubs, named Progressive Tales with the local support of progressive house artists: Bokee, Acim, Jelly For The Babies, Popi Divine , Milos Miladinovic and our well-known hosts were in charge of support: Lukai, Igor D., Aleksandar Markovic, Hobin Rude, Despic.

The indispensable podcast starts its first season with a weekly term in cooperation with the DeGori Project in 2018, and then in the second season it gets a new independent name, Progressive Tales. The podcast, in addition to the main episodes, contains a bonus edition, through which an opportunity is opened and also support for non-established young DJs from all over the world.

During the three seasons of the Progressive Tales podcast, more than 150 performers participated. Artists who have collaborated with us are : Cid Inc, Dmitry Molosh, Alex O’rion, Kamilo Sanclemente, Anthony Pappa, Mauro Augugliaro, Kyotto, Lerr, Buba, DJ Ruby, Simos Tagias, Gux Jimenez, Eran Aviner, Ewan Rill, RIGOONI, Stereo Underground, Gui Milani, Forerunners, Lucas Rossi, Jelly For The Babies and many other outstanding performers in the world of electronic music.

At the beginning of 2020, Progresivna Suza hosted for the first time independently, a foreign performer from Hungary, the brilliant producer East Cafe, at the Dot club in Belgrade. In cooperation with the  organization in 2021, we participated in the realization of the event Guy J All Night Long and the first performance of DJ Ruby in Barutana, Belgrade.

During the year that was affected by the pandemic, via YouTube we hosted great artists in video performances such as: Subandrio, East Cafe, Gui Milani, DJ Ruby, Luciano Scheffer, Mauro Augugliaro, Missus, Andre Moret, Bachir Salloum, Lerr, Adnan Jakubovic, Lukai , Buba, Despic, Hobin Rude, Igor D., Aleksandar Markovic, JFR, Glow Funk, Nichols. Also, over 60 episodes, both DJs and non-established, names were broadcasted during the coronavirus pandemic called Antidepressive Tales.

After launching of the official site, its content began to be enriched by numerous interviews with great artists, both from the world and the local scene, such as: Anthony Pappa, Guy J, Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren,  Henry Saiz, Fernando Ferreyra, Navar, Sebastian Sellares, Antrim, Dmitry Molosh, DJ Ruby, Guy Mantzur, Audiostorm, Acim and many others. In addition to interviews, the site also contains texts by our members with an emphasis on the educational character and a selection in which fans can find the latest tracklists.

In December 2021 Progresivna Suza celebrated 3rd birthday in DOT Club with special guest from Netherland, Lost & Found star, Navar.