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Interview: Guy J

Interview: Guy J

On the path to becoming one of the premier artists of this electronic generation, Tel Aviv’s Guy J has amassed a vast discography showcased within an eclectic list of world-renowned labels. Initially influenced by his homeland and the worlds of psy-trance and progressive, Guy J has grown to embrace all genres and establish a wide-ranging production style that represents the array of emotions fuelling his creativity. 

Guy’s disregard for boundaries has catapulted his genre-diverse Lost & Found imprint into one of the most highly regarded brands in the underground. The label celebrates diversity and Guy encourages submissions that remain unconditionally true to the artist.  The result is a catalogue best described as “good electronic music” — in its purest form.  

Guy J live and studio mixes are beloved by house, trance and techno enthusiasts en masse and have helped propel his prominence globally.  His sets are hypnotic treks through the entire spectrum of house music, composed with an assortment of originals, remixes and edits.  Guy has the freedom to melt together melodies from all genres thanks to his production prowess and masterful touch with Ableton’s revolutionary software.

His list of ultra-impressive accolades is extensive and continually growing, yet Guy J remains his emotional and modest self. Guy’s innate sensitivity and strong belief in what you put into this world, you will receive from it; bind him to uncompromising honesty in his relationships, and of course, his music. 

“I need every track to be real and honest to my feelings.” – Guy J



Hello Guy, we are very honored to finally have you here on Progresivna Suza website. 

I’m very happy to be here and part of it.


Are you enjoying this unplanned vacation? We noticed that you are interacting with the audience more than ever on social media. How much do you miss parties and real people?

I was enjoying it and I’m still am as it gives me opportunity to do things that I didn’t do before. It feels at the same time like too long vacation, keep in mind that it is a stressful time as no one knows where we are heading with this situation, but I’m hoping for the best. The parties and the view of real people integration with music is missing a lot. It’s been the fuel for my creativity and it’s a feeling that cannot be reached with something else.


How much will this development of the situation affect the further course of the music industry? Can a large amount of streams and such interaction with people make them feel closer or separate them from the real feeling of a party? 

I think the music industry is taking a hit also, besides the performance side of the business that is uncertain. Making a living from the music itself was a big challenge before this mess started and now it’s almost impossible. I think people got used to the idea that music should be free or very close to free.

There is a lot of work done to bring music out to the market and also expenses for making it happen. So it is important to support the artists you like in any kind of art or creativity.

The Streams are magic! I think the streams can be absorbed as personal and as a group experience. Yes, you are listening on your own but at the same time you are taking part in a chat that is going on and everyone are there for the same reason. I find it very unique and uniting.


Echos podcast episodes were very well received by the audience. The effect of an even stronger connection between people in these difficult times has been created. Are you happy with how it all went? Does Echos have a future as your  weekly label show, where you could promote new releases? 

Thank you! I’m very happy with Echos and what it achieved, it made the label Lost & Found Stronger and it gave opportunity for the artists on the label and me to show another side of us and stay connected with the fans. 

I think it also gives us, the DJ’s something to stay busy with and preventing us from sinking in thoughts and worries. Regarding the future of Echos I have no idea what will be , now I have time to work on it , it might look something simple, and it is but it’s consuming time and energy which I’m not sure that I’ll have when I go back on the road.



During your streams we had the opportunity to hear a very wide selection of tracks that we usually can’t hear in clubs. Each mix so far has been a distinctive story, and fans have often commented that they can feel your emotions. Does the selection of tracks take place at a given moment or is a “rough script” written for the story you want to tell from week to week?

I go over a lot of promos now that I’m doing the Echos and I’m selecting a wider range of music to keep so I can play on the stream. Echos did make my selection wider and gave me the opportunity to discover new artists and dig deeper into different genres. 

So before every stream I have a lot of music to play and I do prepare just the beginning and the last track I want to play. For the rest I let it flow. I want the Echos to be like a good radio show. A very good one.


Progressive house is experiencing a kind of new golden wave and it is becoming much more popular than it was a few years ago. During Echos, listeners had the opportunity to hear a lot of amazing unreleased stuff that sounds completely different from what we’re used to. How do you see the development of the genre? 

I think the genre is on a good ride and I believe that this is the time for it to make it’s comeback. Music is fashion and it is always going to change, you will have every few years a different genre taking the highlight and it is great, it makes music more interesting. 


You launched an official channel on Discord a few days ago. There are legends told about your unreleased tracks. Do you want to tickle people’s imagination even more this way?

Yes, I started my own Discord channel and I love it! There are a lot of questions about ID’s there and I’m happy to share the names of the tracks. I used to be also like that when I got into electronic music. I was digging for titles of the tracks I loved so I understand the thrill of the search and also the thrill of finding a name.


Music community and YouTube channels closely monitor each of your newest material. Can you tell us the story behind this? Do you want to develop track over time and test reactions around the world, and then release it when it reaches full maturity? What’s the most honest answer you can tell us about this mystery around you, that some fantastic unreleased tracks has been in your case for years?

I produce a lot of music. I have days that I’m feeling very inspired and I go into the studio and just start to write music. I know there is a lot of music of mine that people are looking for and a big percent of it won’t be released cause I don’t want to release too much. I select to release music by my personal feeling of what I want to be out there at the given moment. I follow my heart and my senses regarding releases. Also on Lost & Found with music by other producers.


In online groups or your loyal fans, one can often feel your influence on people’s lives. Are you aware that your music became, not only a form of entertainment, but also in some way a fuel for everyday moments? Do you have an ultimate goal of what you want to tell people? 

I get a lot of messages through social media and also when I was traveling and met people in clubs about how my music is being part of their life. Hearing that and knowing that is priceless.

I write most of my music based on emotions and personal experiences and it is challenging every time to try and express yourself through music to transmit your mind into sounds, and when I get to know that others can feel it in my music , I feel I’ve “made it” I managed to deliver the message and i want to do it again.


Has your true friendship with the community coming from Israel, in addition to the undeniable quality of the performers, contributed to Lost & Found becoming so recognizable in the world of electronic music? How important is community and honest belief in the same idea?

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All the artists on the label that are from Israel I made through music and we became a very strong group of friends. I think that is the most important , the friendship.

We are all individuals that develop with time and our views on music keep on changing, so we have to respect that. What is important is that at the end of the day and in the beginning we will wish for the best of one another and that is what makes that group unique. 


We were lucky enough to attend your festival in Amsterdam, and we would very much like such an event to take place in Serbia as well. Are there any plans to continue We Are Lost Festival, depending on the development of the virus situation? 

There are plans to continue the event, we had very nice plans for this year but of course it will be delayed or we will find replacement if some of them can’t take place.  Serbia will definitely be an amazing place to do We Are Lost Festival and hopefully it will happen!



You performed for the first time in Serbia 6 years ago at the club Tube. What are your memories of the connection with Serbia and people from then until today? What was the reaction of the audience and do you remember something special from your angle so you can share with us?

I remember that after the gig I felt like I discovered a diamond , it was the first time for me and I immediately saw the passion and the madness for the music.  It’s like love at first sight. Since that first gig at the Tube every event was good and got better and better, it’s one of the places that I will keep waiting to go back to.


Besides family and music, do you have free time for some hobbies? We believe that many fans are interested in how you spend your free time and where you are looking for inspiration for the future.

I love cooking a lot , so I use the time to try new stuff in the kitchen but also like spending time with people. I’m not working at the moment and I’m investing a lot of time on my Patreon profile which is also linked to my Discord channel and also working on the label. 

I want to stay busy with music as it is my passion and I want to be there on the frontline when events will start happening again. 


Can we have a deal about being our guest on the Progressive Tales podcast when you find free time? It would be a great honor. 

I will do my best 🙂  


Thanks for this interview and hope to see you soon in Belgrade on that all night party we are all still dreaming for. 

See you soon and be safe. 


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