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Did progressive find me, or was the journey to it predestined?

Did progressive find me, or was the journey to it predestined?

How many times in your life have you wondered; ‘’Where am I going?’’ Am I really fulfilled? What is happiness?  Have you ever wondered what opens new horizons? Have you ever wondered what would have happened if someone hadn’t walked into your teenage bedroom and hadn’t told you: ‘’Hey, listen to this.’’ I want to make so many questions and only have one answer. All under a condition that a story goes under a myth of one name or his label. Let it all be about the one answer. 

Days of a young boy in a small town and years of risky conditions in society are condemning and dark. Every wrong move in that age causes some sort of discrimination if you are not the same as everybody else. I would like to answer the question if progressive found me, or if the journey to it was predestined.

I believe that I fell in love with progressive before I even heard any tones that describe it.  It was the time when music for me was only something that you could hear in the background of a movie or a celebration. I used to like listening to stories. I think that those highlights and experiences that are messing with your head in the following future, actually make the core in you and open up the journey to now, and now is the place where you are reading this. I return to the past and think about the stories about fantastic sound system, how the two met, and everything was described in details. For me who was a sixteen-year-old kid, this was all very exciting. I could visualize all of those moments through a story about this and that track. And then I received a few CDs. 

Looking at it after so many years, I believe that it was a love at first sight, because, after a few rounds of everything, we met again. Going to events did not wake this kind of unbearable feeling. A lot of correspondence, agreements, journeys. Maturity, surrounding, internet, material, emotional and spiritual state gets equal. Everything is arranged just how it is supposed to be, and then what? You put an effort, you love and feel. It is not always easy, but when you know that the following day you will have the best mounted highlight in your head, you put a smile on your face and say: ‘’ Let’s go again.’’

Why did we start loving going to parties this much? Is the moment of someone’s look, smile in the moment of a drop, or a beginning of a vocal, enough to end all your problems? There. Exactly there you are surrounded by people who were strangers to you until the previous day. Some smiling boys and girls who you remember by face expressions, or positions on which they were standing, or drinks they were tirelessly drinking. Those people became a part of everyday life, here, in this page and group. 

Sometimes I thing that each person has its own part in this story. Like a great TV show. In sequels. There must be an old gang, greatly experienced, our people who went abroad, younger kids who are there with us to find their own journey, and us. And how to describe us? Like an ideological movement or promoters of a certain genre? I believe that us and you who are readding this, have a different way. We like to tell stories about sets, to describe each moment of a seven- hour set. Why?

There is some crazy feeling of satisfaction when you see curiosity in people’s eyes because they know what you are talking about. Someday, that part of their brain was activated, too. And that is my message from the start – progressive is an endless story, and you could also say – a life story. You can fall in love with it or love it, but when you realize how you could struggle everyday life with it, then the fun gets a new form.


Da li je progresiv pronašao mene ili je put do njega bio predodređen?


You think that you are alone, lost at work or between the four walls of your bedroom, or among people who do not fully understand you. And then someday and somehow, you receive an invitation with a strange writing on it:’’ Driving to Heaven’’. You jump in, you remember avatars and memes, someone’s words or stupid jokes. And then, one click on play button makes the change. People happen. With just one click. 

You enter their heads, dreams, traumas, memories, and their stories which they tell by the same link. Suddenly there are people appearing and you have some crazy connection with them, as you know them for years. You stop and think that you are on the same frequency. You achieve all of that by simple links, seconds of tracks or unreal feeling that those tracks make. Intimate atmosphere among total strangers who accepted you the moment you met them. Because you love the same thing. I repeat: then and only then, beautiful people happen to you.

Those people and their face expressions or their stories make your everyday life more beautiful. Their messages of support or only one dedicated link fulfills your day. You can experience everything with them, and meet some other side of life. You can laugh all night and chat endlessly because you talk about some extraordinary set.  They say that, when you can just sit in silence with your partner or best friend, and you do not feel awkward, you should know that you are with the right person. And just like that, these people sometimes know just to keep quiet and imagine things.

They know how to keep quiet in a car while looking at the sunset, and there is amazing music in the background. It is unbelievable that those people in those moment have some highlights in their heads. I am sure about it. You know, the same feeling as when you see an after movie from your favorite festival? The difference is that this here is almost material, when you can hold your friend and tell them:’’ Oh man, how great it was last night! Do you remember when he put us down around five, and then he launched us until the end?’’ Are you familiar with that feeling?

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How this thing happened? How I managed to achieve the state in life where I can talk to people about music? I used to imagine that I would be able to describe how I feel only by putting my hand in the air. How to carry that energy over to everyone else? How am I not able to describe that feeling to people who do not listen to music. Deeply, I believe that a lot of people can find themselves in this story, and that they can carry over the energy of music through those smiles, honest screams and hugs. 

The journey of you meeting progressive is not easy. On contrary, it is full of a lot of average parties, not so nice people, and a lot of time which is need for a person to mature. At the moment when you realize there is a beat every day, in every second, when you make love, when you go shopping, when you do your laundry or pay bills – you will know that there is no end, and that everything has just started. 

And then…

Imagine that you realize all of this, and that you do not want to play the game. Imagine you are surrounded by people who think the same way as you do. Imagine you contribute with them in founding the system. It reproduces like a virus; it grows and spreads. Set the people you communicate with free from the conditions of manipulation of a vast system that produces reshaped ideals. Lobotomized brains. Lives with no arms. Imagine you are free.

It will be easier for you.

Luka Grozdanić

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