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”Thank them for this unforgettable night which I carry in my heart and soul”

”Thank them for this unforgettable night which I carry in my heart and soul”

”I remember the New Year’s Eve 2007. I was waiting in my favorite club “Mamolo”. The music was then played by Jovan Jurosevic. It was a great progressive, listen to me great – excellent! Somehow, there on the bar, as well as everywhere in the clubs, were flyers that I immediately picked up. I’m watching… On 27th of April, Sasha and Lee Burridge are coming… Wow! My joy is similar to when Zvezda scores a goal. I grew up in a family which was big fan of football club Zvezda, surrounded by posters and framed pictures of the Zvezda. What can I say, except that my grandfather was called Seki, and my father Dzaja.

As time has flied, the party I could hardly wait for, was approaching. There was some vortex, restlessness and butterflies in my stomach. Mixed agitated feelings.

Sasha was named the world’s No. 1 DJ in 2005. and that glory followed him all year long. Poseidon, a beautiful space near Branko’s bridge on the New Belgrade side at the old fairgrounds. For parties of this type, space to be desired. I was waiting for this party like they were waiting for Godot back then.

An agreement was reached on everything. Where we will gather, when, with whom and when we will enter Poseidon. That moment has come.

The party was a complete hit. From start to finish. Sasha, a man without a mistake. Melodic, emotional, as if fulfilling my every wish. Most serious. And on the other hand, Lee Burridge is smiling and cheerful, also as if he fulfills my every wish. I do not believe. I was standing near the fence, I had a couple of close encounters with Lee Burridge, where he also pointed his fingers as if I was really cool. And then I realized that I’m actually just as smiling and happy as he is… And I look at the crowd behind me… Well, everyone is like him!

I take my Nokia 3310 phone, on which I wrote in the form of a message that I want him to give me a record. I drop him phone. He reads with a smile and doesn’t believe it. He points his finger no-no. I said to myself then, it doesn’t matter. I tried. Security returned my phone. After a while, Lee waved at me, showing me to spread my arms, I spread in confusion. The record was flying towards me. I couldn’t believe what had happened to me. I kept the record like eyes in my head. Later, it also served me as a fan.

Everything was perfect. The overall impression of everything. Truly an enjoyment on a ladder called progressive. My heart was filled with pure emotion, love prevailed everywhere. After this party, nothing was the same for me anymore. When the music stopped. I crossed myself, knelt and ‘’kissed the floor ‘’ … But that’s it.


Thank them for this unforgettable night that I still carry in my heart and soul after all these years.


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Written by

Gordana Djordjevic.



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