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Progressive through a prism of society

Progressive through a prism of society

Progressive through a prism of society is a desire for escapism and is provoked by society. As some of us are ‘’condemned’’ to the original habitat, the escapism represents the parallel dimension – matrix ratio or the escape to a common sense.

We could not run away from the leading trends of modern society (especially in bookings) but it is still present in the capacity of minds. A great number of parties and their diversity made a cataclysm of those who have chosen electronic music and they ‘’found’’ or ‘’lost’’ themselves. Generally unprepared, society is confronting with unclear perception in rebellious and delirious way, without many healthy role-models and with too many different styles, melodies, bass lines… with too much of everything of a measurable part of the universe and in the end of all that – there is progressive.

On one side, this is a genre which, experimentally and through dialogues, classifies itself beyond others. On the other side of the experience and the reality in which we are stuck – society, mass, groups need new perspective, a wider picture, observing from different angles, dispersion through the prism – the opening of mind. That movement of scale, micro evolutional change and some new synapses are necessary. We need tiny movements made with huge effort. 

In retrospect – the amount of time spent on decoding the synergy of sound and micro emotions from which we are shaped into macro emotions, cannot be measured. The result of this is a self-recognition after a track or a set… – a fusion of spectrum made of scattered thoughts into a bundle, a laser or an idea… This is a right way to explain the connection of a prosperity of a society through its individuals. Without reviewing individual capacity – a stimulated mind is the one that really satisfies an individual’s mind. 

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In the end, it comes down that a synesthesia of genres – progress(ive) – changes it all. 


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