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Interview: Dreamer – Fernando Ferreyra

Interview: Dreamer – Fernando Ferreyra

Fernando Ferreyra, Argentinian DJ, originally from Rosario, is a great friend to our country. He has established his link with Serbia couple years back during his officially first show abroad. His style as a DJ and producer is a specific progressive house that involve melodies and sounds for 100% enjoyment of body and soul. He is collaborating with Soundteller, Massive Harmony Records, Classound Recordings, Frisky Records, Balkan Connection South America, Mistique, Lowbit Records and many others.

Progresivna Suza chatted about many themes with one of the dearest musicians that have toured in our country with whom we share earnest emotions and memories.



Hello Fernando, thank you very much for taking your time to have a talk with us. What are your thoughts on current situtaion that is happening around the world?

Thank you for offering me opportunity to get closer to Serbian audience who I very much care for.This global situation shooked us all, no exceptions. It is a pandemic that has changed our ways of life and the way we communicate with one another. There are interests of corrupted global politicians behind all this, in order to weaken us financially, as far as I am concerned. But, virus is here amongst us and we have to take precautions when it comes to its spreading and hygiene.

During quarantine every Saturday via Facebook stream we’ve had chance to listen to you and guests of yours. We’ve noticed that people really have enjoyed the stream, some asking you to make it longer. Can you tell us a bit about it?


With this new world order and cancellation of public events, we as artists had to come up with new ways of communicating with our followers, people who support what we do on daily basis. Even if couldn’t be face ot face with all of them, streaming has allowed us to get close with each other in a way.

My livestreams are a lot of fun, there is numerous positive feedback between my fans and me, we’re treating each other the same and are just having fun. During my streams that are in late evenings in Argentina, many people would be listening with drinks in their hands, trying to translate weekends into their homes with friends and music

As far as the duraiton of my set, it depends on my willingness and level of rest, mood and energy between my fans and me. Sometimes there have been long sets, 7 hours I think was the longest running – I’m not sure If anyone has streamed their set for that long, and other times I would finish earlier than that – 3 hours.


You’ve created your own label Dreamers. What was the idea behind it? Have you realized goals that you’ve set when creating it or have they beenmodified by chances and opportinites along the way?

Dreamers came to fruition due to many pieces of music that I had been receiving from fresh artists who haven’t had opportunity to express their work so at least I could offer them as my support was spot on my radio show called Dreamers. Few years back, my late friend and I from our hometown had been dreaming about many things (a spot on Frisky radio show, our own label, Beatport tracks about expressing our feelings etc). Little by little, I’ve succeeded in it. As I’ve said before, considering I’m music editor it mattered to me to come from place of heart and soul. I’m not interested in hits or best sellers, my only wish is to play true music that is infinte, timeless and free of trends. This is what inspired me to start my label.

Dreamers have come a long way during its short life – 2 years and 4 months. Many high-quality artists are signed, and its prestige has grown, making Dreamers one of the most sought after labels. This is due to artists and their work who Dreamers are made of.


Can you tell us how did you come up with name for the label?

‘Dreamers’ means something special to me, everything that is around me is named after it: the platform, radioshow, label, livestream… It is rooted in plans and dreams that my late friend, who I’ve mentioned, and I had envisioned . He passed away around 20 years ago, and back then, all those ideas were just dreams. When an opportunity came along to start a show on Frisky radio I decided to name it after something I put lot of patience and hard work and eventually named it Dreamers. Because that’s what we were, dreamers.

When my friend passed away, years before Dreamers, It left a big emotional impact on me, I was left in a bad emotional state, but as the years were passing by I managed to overcome that state.


You must certainly receive lots of music everyday. Have you ever felt challenged by the amount of music that is being sent to the label? What is your selection process? I believe it can be quite difficult.

I do receive lots of music, and much of it gets rejected. Insecurity in many artists gets in the way of quality of tracks that are expected, that have so far shaped the label, that’s why I have to discard those tracks unfortunately.

Anyhow, I’ve created stable group of artists who keep coming up with EPs and they represent the sound and image of the label, by no means music lacks.

At the same time, I have to keep searching for new people whose music feels close to my heart. As I’ve said earlier, I filter music for Dreamers with heart, that can stand on its own regardless of time or trends. I often value artists as persons as well, since members of Dreamers are like family and I don’t appreciate when artists are not grounded with both their feet.

Share with us your thoughts about show that you host: Dreamers radioshow on Frisky radio (every second Tuesday of the month). Track choices for every episode are flawlessly diverse. What is the thing that remained constant in each episode?

Dreamers on Frisky is one of my artistic children. I love this show where I get the chance to express myself in each episode every month: selection of tracks and their order, story that I try to present to listeners is how I’m feeling at the moment. Again, trend is not something that is important to me, so music selection reflects the way I’m feeling at particluar moment – at times happy, other times sad and disappointed, with expectations, it is how I cope with emotions and this show are my bare emotions. This is the core of every episode and it is what makes every episode different, I believe to people who are anticipating and listening to it as well. It is those two hours that shut you off from reality, and through music audience knows how I’m feeling.


How often do you spend time in the studio? What it’s like for you to juggle job responsibilities and time for family and friends?

I don’t spend a lot of time in the studio, I’m not making music except when I’m doing a remix now and then. It takes lot of time for me to finish a piece of work, I’ve always been like that. To me, creating is a process that requires time, and as well feelings.

Now it becomes more difficult since I have full time IT job that is disconnected from music. I don’t have lot of time to distribute between family, friends, chores and music, keeping in mind that I must prepare music which I will use in my gigs at the end of the week. As you can see, I’m left with small amount of time to be still and create music. But when time allows me, I use it, it is what I need and what gives me satisfaction.


Looking over your discography, which release or song keeps fondest memories for you?

Every song is special to me, every song was created for a reason. Emotions are what every song has in common. Different song reflects different personal state of mind at given moment. Tracks like “Mystery”, “One Man’s Dream” are creations that came about at the moment when I found out that my only younger sister is dealing with cancer. She has recovered since then, that period was very intense time for me.

I think that song that brings fondest memories is “My little princess Josefina” as it is dedicated to my daughter. Every emotion that I feel for her, is contained in that song. Accidentally, main reason for creating that song are series of random notes that my daughter was playing when only 6 months old. She was playing by herself and I recorded that, in my own arrangement and tempo, and out of those recordings I created a whole new song.


How did you realize that music is your call? Were there any particluar influences?

My father had big influence, no doubt. He is a musician, a conductor of choir and music teacher. So, music has been part of me from the beginning, I could sit with my electronic keyboards and play them before I could learn to write.

Joy that comes from mixing songs, what I most like to do, comes from listening to FM radio programs. Listening to what a DJ’s job is, the way two songs interact into one, is something I really enjoy. I was lucky to be invited to mix music at musical events more than 30 years ago and that was the beginning.


Your first time playing here in Belgrade, Serbia was in March 2018 (you were previously in Subotica’s Code Bar in 2017) and one year later we had the chance to hear you again. Can you draw comparisons between those sets? What were your reactions? Did you memorize any particular moment?

Serbia has unbelievable audience. Affection, respect, passion, emotions from every single one in front of me is lovely and contagious. I truly enjoyed this audience, I feel like I’m part of a family which I find very important. When I step onto Serbian dancefloor I feel joyous. I have friends from Serbia who were sending me music androoting for me. During past years we’ve become true friends.

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Subotica was my first performance outside my country, first set in my life that I’ve played in Europe, it holds special place in my heart, I was overcome with fears and anxiety wondering whether audience will like what I have to offer.

Will I give them what they had been expecting, is it going to make them dance? Everything went smoother because I had my huge friend Migazz by my side. I love him dearly, he has helped me a lot and introduced me to our mutual friends Viktor and Gaga.



Then the date arrived, date that caused greatest emotions – March 2018, it was a short set,but what I’ve experienced in that moment was difficult to make understand. I was feeling happy, and all of a sudden a GIANT Argentine flag waved in front of me, I recollect it to this day and I feel moved. That night brough tears to my eyes. I met many lovely people and friends in Belgrade.

At last, final DOT set was something I had never thought of experiencing, that afternoon my friends Migazz, Viktor, Gaga and I had dinner, so the day had already started out lovely. When we arrived to the club I managed to have a talk with friends from Progresivna Suza and what can I say- beautiful people, every single person from the audience has gifted me memorable moments and Migazz was beside me again. No doubt, I miss Serbia and people, the audience, and I can tell you they wholeheartedly enjoy music.


If you would have to recommend a record to someone who is interested in electronic music, what would your answer be?

Without a doubt, Oxygene by Jean Michel Jarre. I think it is a masterpiece, what it can cause for people to feel, it cannot be ignored.


Lastly, what are you listening to at the moment?

Ben Bohmer, Malou – Lost In Mind (Volen Sentir Extended Vision)

Mauro B – Control Love (Original Mix)

Ólafur Arnalds feat. Nanna Bryndis – Particles (Lucas Rossi Edit)

Yuma – Smek (Fernando Ferreyra Remix)


Speaking in the name of whole community Progresivna Suza, I thank you! We really appreciate you taking the time to have a talk with us. Greetings from Serbian friends, we hope to seeing you soon!

Many thanks to you too friends. I love this type of interview that allows to introduce us closer, it feels more real than regular Q&A. We’ve had planned out European tour this year with operating center in Belgrade so we could be connected even more, but sadly it was cancelled. I hope this thing will be over soon so I could continue with this tour that I’ve been wanting for so long!

I love you so much and I hope to see you soon!

Interview by Marina Todorović

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