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[SUZA002] Hobin Rude – Dies Melior EP

[SUZA002] Hobin Rude – Dies Melior EP


Ognjen Cerović (Hobin Rude) is a 23 year old Serbian progressive house DJ & Music Producer based in Belgrade.

Seamlessly searching for deeper meaning through music, rooted in rhythm and gently carried forward by the beauty of the melody while subsidized by deep sonic patterns. As an embodiment of passion and dedication, Hobin Rude managed to gain an impressive foothold in the worldwide Progressive scene within a short amount of time.

Having succeeded to sign and release tracks with worlds prestigious and well known record labels such as The Soundgarden, Plattenbank, Hoomidaas, Manual, onedotsixtwo, Freegrant Music, Bonzai Progressive, Balkan Connection and so on, he managed to get the support from worlds biggest artists like: Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Guy Mantzur, Armen Miran, Solarstone, Gabriel & Dresden, Nora En Pure, Antrim, Nicolas Rada, Fernando Ferreyra, DJ Ruby just to name a few.

If you ask him about big gigs he had in his own country, he will say that he played on events in Barutana, DOT, half, TIME:CODE Organization, Ben Akiba, 25th Bar, KPTM and on places all around Serbia, performing alongside artists like Coeus, Navar, Jelly for the Babies, Amata, Tebra, Bokee, DJ Acim, Igor D, Lukai, Migazz, Popi Divine, Suprema, Illusory, Ranchatek, Milos Vujovic and so on.

Keep Hobin Rude on your mind, as you don’t want to miss out on him and his adventure.


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Hobin Rude – Dies Melior EP

01) Lanio (Original Mix)
02) Dolor (Original Mix)
03) Aerum (Original Mix)

Release date: 04-03-2022


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