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Hobin Rude: Music is one big love and expression of emotions

Hobin Rude: Music is one big love and expression of emotions

Hobin Rude (Ognjen Cerovic) is a 22 year old Serbian progressive house DJ / Music Producer based in Belgrade. In his sets and production, you can hear uplifting melodic and progressive vibes which are full of emotions he wants to present to the audience. He started listening to electronic music when he was still a kid, in 2010, but finally found himself in progressive house in 2015, where 2 years later, a whole new chapter started for him.

He started his career back in 2017, and by this time he has releases on labels such as Balkan Connection, Soundteller, Electronic Tree, Balkan Connection South America, One of a Kind, Future Avenue, Massive Harmony, Mistique Music, I AM DIFFERENT, OLD SQL Recordings.
Besides his releases getting supported twice by the legend Hernan Cattaneo on his Resident Podcast, he got supported as well by artists such as Gabriel & Dresden, Antrim, DJ Ruby, Nick Varon, Christian Monique, Ewan Rill, Nicolas Rada, Michael & Levan, Nishan Lee, Luciano Scheffer, Avira, Anton Borin and others.

He has performed at major events in Barutana , Time Code organization,Ignite night club, Half and all around Serbia, with the experience playing on events alongside Coeus, Jelly for the Babies, Tebra, Bokee, Igor D, Lukai, DJ Acim, Marko Vukovic, Filip Fisher, etc.



At the beginning of this conversation, let’s present to readers your development path into the world of electronic music. How did you discover this genre, what attracted you and when did you start doing DJing and music production?

First of all, thank you for the invitation, I am honored to be a part of this project and Progresivna Suza will always have a special place in my heart.
I discovered Progressive in 2015, but I have been actively listening to it since 2017, where all these journeys began, and it continues to this day.
I think the greatest beauty of this direction stands in the following, and it’s that I never really found out what exactly attracted me to the Progressive genre.
I don’t know if those harmonies and emotions fascinate us so that they automatically nail us to themselves, but also why I would have to know when they already fulfill me so much.
I have been producing since the beginning of 2020, and that is my great passion at the moment.


What were some of the main challenges and goals when starting out?

This is actually a question that requires quite a bit of effort because my challenges and goals have been constantly changing, so I’m not sure I can remember right away.
But still, I think I started from the basic goal, and that is to go out in front of the audience outside the circle of my friends and try to satisfy myself with my performance.
After that, guided by my nature, somehow everything was far and unattainable for me, but in the last year and a half, everything really started in one wonderful course and I can’t express my satisfaction because of all that.


There’re a lot of new developments going on around new technology, and making music no longer seems to be a privilege only for a limited number of talented people, but also for young kinds who know how to play with presets sounds. What is your opinion on this trend?

I am absolutely in the position that the effort invested, no matter how much it was, deserves respect from the other side. However, music is a great love and expression of emotions, in one way or another, an essential expression through notes, adjusted or unadjusted, but above all finding your sound and your thoughts. And because of all that, this branch of life is so beautiful.



The fascinating thing is that the same track can sound completely different when played by two different DJs in their sets. What is your opinion, what is it about every DJ that turns music into something new?

Each person is, logically, an identity and an entity for himself. It’s the DJ an individual who expresses himself through the music he plays or produces. This is exactly what makes all this twice as interesting and what in a way makes us identify with the DJ, at least in those hours of the set.


How much do you plan in advance during the set which track will you play next? What makes two tracks a good fit?

To be honest, one of the founders of this group, Igor Davidovic (IGOR D.), conveyed to me a thinking with which I did not identify so much at the beginning, but I still considered it correct.
I don’t plan on tracks at all anymore, I tended to do it almost until recently, but somehow every gig and every set is a story for itself, and the moment is what makes it unique.
It’s the moment that you need to find and feel the track that will enter and create a beautiful atmosphere.
And what they fit into…I don’t know. When we hear them one after another and laugh widely. 🙂


Do you remember your first performance, and can you briefly describe that experience to us?

Oh yes.
New Year December 31st, 2017.
A circle of close friends, a lot of positive vibes and a lot of drinks.
I make mistakes in the mix again and again, but I enjoy each mistake more and realize that this is something that will surely be my hobby, at least for a certain period of time in the future.



Progressive music seems to be in a good position at the moment. Where do you see this sound going in the coming years?

I see it evolving, as it has for years.
In which direction exact, I don’t know, but honestly I can’t wait to hear and be a part of it because so far, there have been no mistakes.


Today, there are more and more social networks and various applications through which people around the world can get to know someone’s work, when we talk about music. How much are you present on them and how much time and energy do you devote to maintaining your social media?

To be honest, I am very present on them, and I dedicate a lot of energy to them.
I can’t say that I’m really fascinated by that, but it’s just something that you HAVE to do today in order to reach an audience and be present at all.
Whether that is the problem of today or on the contrary, remains to be seen, but whether I think it is necessary, I think it is.



Is music production a typical process for you or is every track a different journey in terms of the creative process? Do you have a study routine?

I am absolutely in the opinion that each track is just entirety for itself.
Each track is the fruit of current or close feelings at that moment, and that’s exactly how it sounds, and I really think that’s the only right way to make music.
As for producing my tracks, I have routines of how I like to start the idea of ​​a project, but everything after that is solely a process where factors like revelation and the very inspiration I feel or don’t feel at that moment.

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Recently, to everyone’s surprise, track in collaboration with Antela “Deep Within” in a remix by Christian Monique was played twice in Hernan’s Resident. How did you feel at that moment?

I remember like it was yesterday. I woke up on Sunday morning, my phone is full of messages, one which especially stayed in my heart.
Also one of the founders of this group, Milos Zdero, and a message that says: “These two are sleeping, and the world is turning upside down …”
When I read that, I knew it was something big, but so big, I couldn’t even guess.
I see the recognizable face of my childhood idol, and his weekly Resident Podcast, with our track somewhere in the middle.
Tears come, and the first thing I do is pick up the phone and share my happiness with my mother and girlfriend.



How did your collaboration come about and who would you like to work with in the future?

For a long time, my good friend Antela and I talked, exchanged tracks, exchanged experiences from life, and came to a conclusion.
“Wait, so we’re both at the beginning and producing? We’re hanging out? We could do one together, huh?”
And that is exactly why this track has a special place in my heart. And it will have forever.
I love Antela very much and I will always remember this track.
As for future collaborations, I have achieved the greatest, and that is the collab with my friend Missus, which we are just finishing, and for which I am very excited.
And for the future, I would love to be with Rigooni very much, so Vinicius, if you are reading this, hit me up !!! 🙂


What are your plans for the next period? Can we expect more frequent releases now?

I have dedicated this year exclusively on releases.
I have a lot of signed editions, some for the record labels that I have been following since my childhood, and I am extremely proud of everything.
You know that the Progresivna Suza will always be informed first about it because you know how dear you are to me.


Do you have any advice for young producers or DJs who are starting their journey into the world of electronic music?

I have. Do what you love and love what you do. At first, I didn’t believe that some things were possible, so it turned out that they are. And it’s okay not to believe, but it’s not okay not to try.
Every artist, older or younger, more experienced or less experienced, has my big respect because I know how hard all this can be, not to express myself differently.


Thank you so much for this wonderful conversation. We wish you a lot of success in your future career.

Endless thanks to you for inviting me to do this interview, you are doing a great job, and you will always have my great support. Big love for Progresivna Suza!


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