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Hernan Cattaneo Biography announced for 2021.

Hernan Cattaneo Biography announced for 2021.

The attention of the music world was drawn to an article on the topic “What will we read in 2021”, which was published in the Argentine newspaper La Nación a few days ago. On the list of numerous recommendations, something interesting stood out for music connoisseurs and fans of electronic sound. Among other long-awaited literature, a biography dedicated to DJ and producer Hernan Cattaneo, one of Argentina’s idols, when it comes to the electronic scene, has been announced.

Since Hernan Cattaneo is the winner of the award for outstanding person in the culture of Buenos Aires, a musician with over 30 years of career, a performer who should not be particularly represented, a man whom fans around the world call El Maestro, without a doubt, the announced biography is one of the books from the world of music, which we are looking forward to.

Hernan Cattaneo was a godfather to the underground house scene and became its core. He is much more than a performer, he is one of the leading artists who moved the Argentine house from the local to the international scene.

This Argentine artist and the main representative of his country on the international electronic map, will finally get his well-deserved biography on paper. It is one of those things that his fans have been waiting for a long time, to get acquainted in detail with the history of the great, who managed to conquer the whole world with his unusual musical selection, dedication, passion and unwavering commitment to presenting quality music, which is difficult to define, but easy to recognize as its trademark.



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In recent years, after a period without a performance in his native Argentina, Hernan has solidified his status at the local, erasing the boundaries in electronic music, gathering thousands of fans, at his concert at the mythical Teatro Colón, one of the world’s ten best opera houses. He was with 63 musicians on stage, who performed classics of electronics live with him. That performance was the highlight of Hernan‘s entire career, after which he received recognition from the city of Buenos Aires for a meritorious citizen.

Years ago, Hernan Cattaneo gladly visiting Belgrade, always returning at the beginning of the summer season in Barutana, for a traditional multi-hour performance, side by side with his friend and longtime collaborator Nick Warren. Although the covid-19 virus pandemic in 2020 prevented us from welcoming another progressive dawn in the cult Barutana, we hope to enjoy the legendary allnighter of Hernan Cattaneo and his team in the eighth season of this popular Belgrade club.

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